The Truth About Puericil 

The Package Insert

Puericil is a popular commercial drug, harmless and very cheap.  It drastically reduces male children's aggressiveness and makes them much more submissive and compliant, without affecting their intellectual capabilities.  Prolonged treatment progressively eliminates or prevents the appearance of body hair in male children, although it will eventually grow again if the treatment is discontinued.  Otherwise, it does not affect sexual development.  Side effects may include diurnal and/or secondary nocturnal enuresis in some patients.

Availability and Use

A daily pill to be taken once a day.
A daily suppository to be placed in the rectum.
Rectal Gel
A long acting gel to use every third or fourth day.  Insert the single-use thin plastic tube into the rectum (like a thermometer) and press the plunger to spray Puericil directly into the rectum where it sticks to the walls until absorbed.
A tasteless, odorless, colorless liquid.  Add three to five drops to the boys' food or drink daily.  Easy to fine adjust the dose and lets the boy forget that he is being treated.  Especially good to start with for resistant boys.

The results are the same regardless of which form is used.  Some considerations are:


Several years after Puericil™ was created, a new drug called Puericil-G™ was introduced to treat girls who are too aggressive since the existing Puericil™ made for boys is not neither effective nor safe for girls.  The main objective of Puericil-G™ is to reduce the aggressiveness in girls in a similar way that Puericil™ does in boys.

Like the original, the drug has similar side effects basically stopping and often regressing adolescent growth while being taken.  When given to a prepuberty girl the drug essentially delays puberty preventing the unwanted aggression and the all too common early onset of puberty.  When started later, the changes due to puberty are stopped and usually reversed. These effects include:

Initially, only the pill form is available but the manufacturer is planing to release other forms within the next eighteen months.

What they don't want you to know.

A report on the drug Puericil from the Save the Boys Foundation (a non-profit political advocy foundation).

What the package insert says (shown above) is as approved by the National Drug Agency.  The manufacturer wrote it as asked by the groups which advocate its use.  It is available over the counter without a doctor's prescription.  According to that all you need to worry about are a few diapers if your boy is one of the few bed wetters and even that rarely lasts more than a couple of months.

It defies logic that one could so easily suppress just one facet of male development.  The truth is that it does a lot more than just to reduce an adolescent's aggression level and independance.  It affects his sexuality in several ways.  There are several possible side effects.  There is about a high chance that at least one happen and be very significant.  There is a good chance that several side effects will happen although only to a slight degree.

References available on request.

Philosophical thoughts for writers

In the inventor's original view, society has turned much more conservative and there is a strong support for a boy-controlling drug, so its use has become widespread.  However, some writers prefer to have a mix of boys both on and not on Puericil for different dynamics.  Writers may select the variation of this Universe that they prefer including, but not limited to, how prevalent the drug use is and other ideas advocated in this site.  Stories where only some boys take Puericil may be assumed to occur earlier, while its use becomes prevalent later.  By that later time, social pressure in favor of its use is very strong.  Many institutions have rules discriminating against boys who are not on Puericil, for example, by not allowing nonusers to play for school teams, especially for contact sports.

The writer may also specify the availability of Puericil.  Its purchase may require a physician's prescription so that there would also be black market trafficking.  Alternatively it may be freely available on pharmacys' open shelves or over the counter possibly restricted to adult purchasers.

It must be emphasized that there is discussion about how common the secondary effects are and, again, the writer may determine that.

Remember, each of these interpretations of the fictional universe are equally valid.

For more information and story listings please see the Puericil Stories page.

Similar Pharmaceuticals

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幼茎丸™  (Yòu jīng wán, Baby Dick Pills) is the Japanese version of Phalliminate.  Its effects are illustrated in various drawings.  Voice of Joy from Our Customers drawing by おうむがに (The Parrot) proclaiming the change from twenty cm to two cm of penis size after just a month of use.  Also in other drawings by Bulldoggy and others.  (Note that requires free registration.)  The illustrated story Proud No More but Properly Humble by Y Lee Coyote utilizes this drug.

Puerasil™  is an age regression drug for adult males defined by Chirenon.  It is a far more extreme drug and is listed here because of the similarity of its name.  Sorry, there isn't any description currently available.

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NB:  Puericil is a FICTITIOUS drug.  It does not exist.

The "drug" was created by Cassie, the web mistress of this site.  The additional "information" was written by Y Lee Coyote to assist those who want to write in the Puericil Universe.  Please feel free to adapt the drug to your story.

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