Seven Naked Ambersons Chapter 1

by Nap

copyright 2002 by Nap, all rights reserved

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Note This story is a fantasy for adults only. The author utterly condemns any form of actual abuse physical, sexual, psychological and emotional to any person of any age.
* * * * *

Mrs Amberson was at the end of her tether. The riot of getting the kids off to school that morning had left her at the point of nervous exhaustion. It was all very well her husband to go off searching for the lost city of Xinjhangphu, but she'd been the one left with the responsibilities. Well, she'd reached breaking point. Luckily help was now at hand. Just a few clicks away were the answers to all her problems. Her husband wouldn't approve, of course, but what the hell! He was somewhere in the jungle up a river far away.

Mrs Amberson sat at the keyboard and brought up a form on the screen:

Notice of Exemption from Wearing Decent Dress NEWDD or nudie, as it was popularly pronounced was a bit of an oddity. The Moralist government insisted that all people were decently dressed at all times, but had recently introduced these orders for misbehaving juveniles. Mrs Amberson listed the names on the form:

Melody Amberson, Female, 15 Hal Amberson, Male, 13 Saskia Amberson, Female, 12 Luke Amberson, Male, 10 Flora, Amberson, Female, 9 Nathan Amberson, Male, 7 Posy Amberson, Female, 6

She gave her relationship as "Mother" and ticked almost all the misbehaviours on the list. When she had completed all boxes, the program told her to wait. A few seconds later the sign came up, "Permission Granted Please Print Forms", which she did one for each child. The program now asked:

"Do you wish for Special Punishment Authority for Notified Children?"

This acronym SPANC was pronounced 'spank' and was popularly supposed to mean Spanking Punishment Authority for Naughty Kids

Mrs Amberson clicked on "Yes" and immediately the screen said:

"Punishment Authorised Please Print Forms". When this was done, the screen informed her that, apart from her hand, only 'Puniform' paddles, straps and canes were allowed. Junior 1 for Posy and Nathan, Junior 2 for Luke and Flora, Senior 1 for Hal and Saskia, and Senior 2 for Melody. She clicked for a supply of these and was told they would arrive by special delivery with three hours. Satisfied with a good half-hour's work she took it easy for the rest of the day.

Posy and Nathan arrived home from school first. She told them to sit quietly in the family room and as each of the other kids arrived home they joined them. Then Mrs Amberson went in. As usual they were all squabbling and whingeing.

"Silence!" she commanded and they were shocked to obey. "Today I applied for and have been granted 'nudie' notices for you all."

"Mother, you can't !" Melody began.

"I can and I have. These notices begin in ten minutes time and are of the standard seventy-two hours duration. That means you'll be naked until the end of school on Thursday, " she explained to the younger ones.

"Three days!" Hal cried. "You can't keep us naked for three days!"

"There is no way I'm going to be nude in public," Melody declared.

"Oh, we don't have to go out, do we?" Saskia demanded.

"You will all follow your normal routines," Mrs Amberson said, "And if you try to defy me, Melody, I shall call the Guardians."

The Guardians were group of semi-official vigilantes whose job was correct immorality. Melody could guess how eagerly they would volunteer to strip a 15-year-old girl.

"I have also taken out 'spank' permits for the same period for you all, and I can promise you I shall take full advantage of them."

"You can't smack us; it's not allowed," Luke claimed.

"It is not only allowed, but compulsory once a 'spank' notice has been issued," his mother told him. "That's to stop parents taking them out just as a threat."

"But you wouldn't have to tell anyone," Saskia pleaded.

"No, but you have to be filmed regularly on the videmail. You are going to showing your red bottoms to an awful lot of very interested people! Anyway," she went on as they wailed, "the clock has gone on so it's time for you to strip."

"Oh can't we at least go boys in one room and girls in the other," begged Melody.

"Don't be silly, dear. You are going to be showing yourself to complete strangers for the next few days, why worry about your brothers?

Despite their last minute pleas and protests the children knew they had no real choice and soon seven piles of clothing were heaped around the room. "Good, now line up in facing me in order of age." The embarrassed children sorted themselves out and Mrs Amberson looked along the line.

Posy, 6, was a robust little girl with a bob of dark curls and bright brown eyes.. Her solid body was practically shapeless on her sturdy legs between which her sex was hardly noticeable.

Nathan, 7, too was dark, but taller and slimmer than his sister. He was usually a cheerful little boy, full of jokes and tricks, but now he looked scared. His little willy and balls dangled unobtrusively between his skinny legs.

Flora, 9, was very blonde, blue-eyed and freckle-faced. She had two long thick plaits down her back. In front she had on her chest two little bumps from which small nipples stood. Between her legs her utterly naked vulva stood out.

Luke 10, was also blonde but curly, and blue-eyed but with a very clear complexion. He was a strong looking, athletic boy. No onlooker could have missed his circumcised penis which was by far the biggest of the three boys much to his elder brother's chagrin.

Saskia, 12, was tall and slender with light brown hair. She had the small beginnings of breasts from which the nipples protruded, but between her long legs no hint of hair yet marked her developing sex.

Hal, 13, had a tousled mop of mid brown hair and a freckled, good-looking face. He was a well-made lad, though with a surprisingly small dick even though this had lengthened a little at puberty. It wasn't quite so small as usual at the moment, as it was standing from its little bed of hair and pointing self-consciously at the ceiling.

Melody, 15, was considerable bigger and more mature than the others. Her fair hair was very fine and she had a perfect figure, though as yet still growing. Her breasts were firm and pointed, her waist trim and her stomach gently rounded, while her hips broadened deliciously. Between her legs was a perfect triangle of fair curls.

All in all a good looking bunch, their mother decided.

"Hal! What is the meaning of that repulsive display? You are not supposed to become excited at seeing your sisters naked. Get rid of it at once"

Hal blushed bright red as he glanced guiltily down at his not very impressive erection. "Sorry, Mum," he gulped, "It's not the girls honest it's just there. I can't help it."

"Of course you can," said his mother callously. "Get it down the same way you do every other night!"

Hal's jaw dropped and his face glowed even brighter as his "secret" was revealed.

"Don't deny it, you dirty little boy; I see the stains on the sheets every morning. Come out to the front and face the others and then toss it off!"

Miserably, Hal did as he was told, His right fist gripped his diminutive member and he began to slide it up and down. At first nothing happened. He was too self-conscious; it was not like being alone in the dark with his fantasies. But then somehow the sight of all his nude sisters and brothers excited him and he felt a warmth of sensation begin to grow, making his dick still stiffer and tightening his balls. His head was now fevered with excitement as well as shame and he could feel the pressure inexorably rising. He began making low grunting noises rising in pitch and speed of rhythm as he built towards a crescendo. "Ahh! Aargh! Aarghh!" he cried as his cock spurted a fountain of milky spunk that spattered down over his hand and dripped to the rug.

"You nauseating brat! yelled his mother, "Lick it off your hand before it makes any more mess!"

Hal actually put his fingers to his mouth before the salty taste and strong smell, revolted him. He turned and made a grab for his clothes and wiped his hand on his shirt."

""Yuk! Urrgh! Oooh!" commented the younger children and Melody said, " That's foul! I feel sick!"

"Oh you needn't come so prim and proper, miss," her mother said, "you do the same thing in your girlish way every night."

"I I ," Melody stammered. Now it was her turn to have a shameful secret exposed.

"Don't deny it. I hear you moaning away every night; you must think I'm deaf! At least Hal usually manages it only once. You just seem to go on and on, You must have some itch down there!"

"Mummy!" cried the mortified teenager.

"Well, you can just come out here and give us all a demonstration. Come on, or I shall call the Guardians. That's better. You can get back in line, Hal. Right, Melody, on your back on the carpet, feet towards your brothers and sisters. That's right. Now, draw back your legs and open your knees but why am I telling you! That's it; open yourself up. Now, tickle that clit! Come on, we don't want to wait all night! I want you coming so get on with it."

Oddly enough although Melody was devastated at having to perform such an intimate act in front of her siblings, the very weirdness of the situation seemed to excite her, for hardly had her fingers found the spot than she knew she had set in motion a monster orgasm. And it didn't take long to develop either. Little waves of sensation began to flow over her, rising in intensity with every movement of her long, sensitive fingers. The waves grew higher, harder, hotter. They were lapping around her - rising higher - washing over her flooding her body and mind.

"Oh! Ooh! Oooh! Yes! Yes! Oohahh!" As she moaned in ecstasy, Melody's hips twisted wildly before thrusting her pelvis repeatedly against her caressing hand and squirmed as she ground her bottom against the rug, bumping her buttocks on the floor.

"Hm," said Mrs Amberson, as she shame-faced Melody got unsteadily to her feet, I don't think I'll bother to clean that rug for the next few days."

The children now dispersed to do their homework, after which they ate their family meal. Once the chores relating to this were completed they were ordered back in the family room. Once again they were lined up Posy to Melody.

"Now, said their mother," a bit more information on your spankings. I am allowed to use only my hand or one of these 'Puniform' implements. These are made from a synthetic material and each one of a type is exactly the same as another to give uniformity of effect. There are three implements in each type: paddle, strap, and cane. I am allowed to give you up to once times your age each of the implements, or three times your age for one. Or I can replace twice your age by hand, for one of the implements. Understood?"

It was clear from the puzzled look on the faces of the younger children that they had not.

"OK," Mrs Amberson said, "let's take an actual example. Luke is the middle one of you in age and as he's ten it will be easy to work out. Now, in one day I could give Luke ten strokes with paddle, plus ten with the strap plus ten with the cane. Or I could give him 20 smacks with my hand plus twenty with the paddle, or I could give him thirty with the cane. Do you understand now?"

"Thirty with the cane!" Luke said wide-eyed, "That'd kill me."

"Nonsense. The punishment has been scientifically graded so that it cannot permanently harm any healthy child and all of you come in that category."

The children rather doubted the assurance. Melody was wondering what thirty hand spanks, plus fifteen with the paddle, plus fifteen with the cane would do to her superb cheeks. Little Posy was trying to multiply 3 x 6.

"As I explained earlier, you do not have to misbehave to be punished and to demonstrate this I have here seven folded labels. Four of them are blank. Three of them have the name of an implement written on them: one 'paddle', one 'strap' and one 'cane'. You will draw one of these tickets in turn and the child who gets an implement will receive once times his or her age with the appropriate type."

Moans and groans and cries of protest greeted her explanation, but she approached Posy and offered her bag of tickets. Posy drew one, unfolded it and said "Oh!" with wide brown eyes misting with tears Mrs Amberson looked and read "Strap".

Nathan drew a blank. Flora went to pick one, discarded it, and chose another. It was blank. Luke picked up the one Flora had rejected and was condemned to "Cane". Hal drew nervously and let out a yip of delight at his blank paper. Poor Melody took the remaining paper, knowing it to say "Paddle!".

Mrs Amberson picked up a footstool and put it in front of the children. "Right, Posy, come out here and kneel on this facing away from your brothers and sisters. Now, put your head and hands on the floor so that your bottom sticks out and up. Excellent," she concluded when her youngest child was arranged. Her tiny bottom looked very vulnerable stuck up in the air towards her watching siblings. Mrs Amberson picked up the 'Junior 1'strap. This comprised a fairly light short single strand of the synthetic material designed to look like leather. It had a handle marked with one bright yellow ring on which was written 'Junior 1 Type'.

Despite their own predicaments, the other six watched these preparations with gleeful anticipation. The had never seen anyone beaten before and were looking forward to the experience.

Mrs Amberson looked again at Posy's tiny cheeks. She had a moment of doubt and began to regret starting all this. Then she hardened her heart. It was too late now in any case. She drew back her arm and the strap swung down against Posy's little bottom. Everyone was shocked by the loud 'Crack' as the strap struck skin and the immediate "Yeeow!" screeched from the child and the sudden, searing stripe that flashed across the miniature buttocks. For a few seconds Mrs Amberson was stunned by what she had done, then she remembered her commitment and lashed down hard again. A second stripe, another cry. Mrs Amberson swept the strap across the small girl's bottom, deepening and extending the colour. Posy was yelling her head off, but her mother was beginning to get a feel for this. She deliberately aimed low so that the strap landed right at inward curve between buttock and leg. Posy screamed. Her bright red bottom was rocking and wriggling. Mrs Amberson took aim at the twitching target. The red glow spread. The individual stripes were indistinguishable now, though there were darker patches of colour where they had overlaid each other. A fifth lash cracked across Posy's inflamed cheeks. And then, finally, the sixth.

Mrs Amberson put the strap down with a suddenly shaking hand. Luckily the kids' eyes were all on Posy's blazing bottom. Mrs Amberson's heart beat wildly and she felt hot all over. It was no good, she had to admit it. She had enjoyed beating her daughter! What kind of a monster was she? The kind who was really going to enjoy herself over the next three days! she smiled to herself.

Posy was on her feet, hopping around the room, rubbing her bottom with one hand and her eyes with the other. Her mother ignored these antics and called to Luke to position himself on the stool. He looked pale and scared, but moved forward and knelt on the stool before bending forward. Mrs Amberson selected a 'Puniform' cane designed to resemble rattan, though completely smooth. It was straight, very swishy and had a handle with two yellow rings ring inscribed 'Junior 2 Type'. Mrs Amberson returned to her 10-year-old son. The athletic boy's bottom was round and firmly muscled definitely cute! He'd be making the girls' hearts pound before too long, but today it was going to be his bottom that was pounded!

Ten times the cane whistled down and cracked across Luke's bottom. Every time a fresh red weal was raised on the white skin and, after the first four strokes, Luke yelled with pain at every one. He couldn't believe how much it hurt and he yelled as loudly as he could to convey the fact to his mother. But she simply took her time and thrashed him soundly, coolly marking each new point for the cane's descent until her young son's previously pale cheek were criss-crossed with furrowed red lines.

While her young son hopped and howled, Mrs Amberson fetched a small but sturdy coffee table in the place of the stool. This was rather higher for the teenaged Melody to kneel on, but not before she'd tried protesting and pleading. Eventually, though, the nude adolescent was obliged to kneel on the table, put her head and shoulders to the floor, and to thrust her superb bottom towards her delighted siblings. Mrs Amberson fetched a paddle. It had an oblong blade of about ten centimetres wide, three centimetres thick and about thirty long, plus another 12cm of handle on which were two red rings marked "Senior 2 Type". It was fashioned to resemble wood. Even on Melody's maturing bottom, fifteen swats with this formidable instrument was going to be a stern punishment.

Mrs Amberson was getting into the swing of things now. The feelings of pleasure were quite washing away any of the soft soap of guilt. She swung the paddle firmly and felt the gratifying impact conveyed from Melody's bottom to her hand. She continued. She saw the plump flesh flatten at every swat, the trembling shock wave running beneath the skin. White turning to red as the superheated blood rushed back to excite tortured nerve ends. The self-styled sophisticated teenager was soon yelling just as hard as her despised little brother and sister and wriggling her upraised bottom without a care for the view she presented to her juniors. But her mother continued to beat her thoroughly until very centimetre of white skin on her buttocks was turned to red or crimson. At last the big girl was allowed up to rejoin the others, though for some time she too could only jump around the room clutching her buttocks and howling loudly.

When things had eventually calmed down, Mrs Amberson told the four unpunished children that they were to get a hand spanking equal to their age.

"But we got blanks," complained Saskia.

"There are no blanks," replied her mother heartlessly.

Seven-year-old Nathan was the first to go across his mother's knee. She looked down at his skinny little bottom, but felt none of the pity she might have once expected. Now she just wanted to slap those lean cheeks just as hard as she could and she did. Next up on her lap was Flora. Her nine-year-old bum was much more substantial, though still very small. Her mother soon reddened it effectively. Saskia followed and ten very hard smacks did their work effectively on her round cheeks. Last was the rascally Hal. His mother was frustrated to find that the previous twenty- six hard slaps had made her hand rather sore and she couldn't give her best effort to the thirteen she had to deliver to her son and although he screwed up his face and rubbed his bottom was plain he had got off more lightly than the others.

"Very well," Mrs Amberson said when she had finished spanking them and had made a few clicks on the computer as she logged in to the NEWDD/SPANC site, "now you are each stand in front here, Posy first." Immediately the image of the naked Posy appeared on the screen. Her mother typed in "Posy Amberson, aged 6." "There," she said, "everyone who is logged on can see you and knows your name."

"Turn around, bend over and show your bottom, Posy," appeared on the screen. Posy obeyed and as her mother manipulated the camera various views of her youngest child's red buttocks appeared on screen. Finally, the words. "Accepted. Good bye, Posy. Please identify next child."

Luke was then ordered up and bent to display his well caned bottom to the camera, and after him came the utterly humiliated Melody to show first the front of her naked body and then her paddled bottom to the unknown and anonymous numbers who were logged in just to see such a show. After her, Nathan, Flora, Saskia and Hal were forced to go through the same appalling procedure, but although the first three were accepted, Hal's bottom was rejected and the message came up, "Insufficient penalty 1 x age with strap stipulated."

Mrs Amberson felt a little disconcerted at this reprimand, but she fetched a strap which was quite thick and long, and divided into two tails. One the handle was one red ring marked 'Senior 1 Type'. She crossed to where her son was still bent with his bottom towards the camera. She beat Hal hard 13 times and every whack was visible on the screen and shown around the world to any subscriber to the site and recorded for any who logged in later. At the end the words appeared, "Accepted Good bye, Hal. End of session."